Why Revidy?

A mix of video and dynamic retargeting is key to higher conversions

Video is superior to image and text ads

Video conveys huge amounts of information in a short time and it is more engaging to the senses. That is why it can communicate more information by showing and telling at the same time.

Want more sales? Use dynamic retargeting

With dynamic retargeting, you can show tailored ads that promote recently viewed products to people that visited your site. These people can be significantly easier to convert into paying or recurring customers.

Make video ads work for you - like never before

Increase your conversion rates

Studies have shown that you can reach up to 49% higher ROI by using dynamic video ads compared to traditional dynamic banners.

Expand your reach

Video ads partly attract different audiences than display banners. Studies have shown that people attracted to video ads are not only younger than people that interact with banner ads, but also click more.

Lower the cost of
running video ads

By running your product video ads in regular banner placements, you keep the cost level down.

Scale using market
leading technology

Revidy plugs into Google’s market leading technology for ad distribution, and uses industry standard Adobe software for automatic video production.

Say goodbye to
high agency fees

Our dedicated video team creates your video ads, using either your own video content, stock footage, or a combination of the two.

In line with
your brand

Thanks to our innovative video versioning system, the final video ad will always be perfectly aligned with your brand and design guidelines - for each and every product.

Sit back, relax and watch your conversions increase

Done for you

All work is on us. Just give us your product feed and implement our lightweight script on your page.

Dedicated account manager

Your own account manager will get you ready to go and support you during the campaign.

Transparent pricing

We work with transparent CPC or CPM so that you can reach your performance goals.

Get started today

Get in touch now and learn more about how to increase
conversions and sales with dynamic video retargeting