A mix of video and dynamic retargeting
is key to higher conversions

Video is superior to
image and text ads

Video conveys huge amounts of information in a short time and it is more engaging to the senses. That is why it can communicate more information by showing and telling at the same time.

Want more sales?
Use dynamic retargeting

With dynamic retargeting, you can show tailored ads that promote recently viewed products to people that visited your site. These people can be significantly easier to convert into paying or recurring customers.

Consumers are 27 times more likely to click on online
video ads than standard banners.

KISSmetrics found that a call-to-action in a video produces
380% more clicks than a regular sidebar call-to-action.

64% of people are more likely to purchase
after watching a product video

Viewers remember 95% of a message if they watch it
in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

Dynamic video retargeting can improve CTR by 74%,
and ROI by 49% when using video

The click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10 times
higher than the CTR of a typical display ad.

Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are
more likely to convert by 70%

Retargeting can boost
ad response up to 400%.