Our clients often ask us what is required in order to get started with Revidy’s dynamic video retargeting. It is actually super simple and we have summarized the quick steps needed in order to get started.

1. Creating The Video Ad

Our video team will either use your existing commercials or video material that represent your brand. This will then be adapted into highly performing retargeting ads that match your brand. This base video template will be used to create unique videos for all of your products straight from your product feed.

2. Building the Audience

By installing our smart tag (a lightweight javascript) on your site, we are able to build an audience of your website visitors. We will later match them with highly relevant video ads depending on which products they have browsed.

3. Delivering the Campaign

When the budget is set, we are ready to launch your campaign and match your audience with the appropriate ads. These will then be displayed to your matched audience as in-banner-video-ads and generate traffic back to your site. Voila! Your customers are now back in the buyer’s journey and will hopefully checkout with a cart full of your products.

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