How Dynamic Video Retargeting Works

At a glance

Revidy works just like traditional dynamic retargeting but with highly engaging in-banner videos.

Watch how we do our magic

Play Video

Bring back shoppers as soon as they are ready to buy

Attract web visitors

Someone visits your site to check out what products you have to offer.

Keep them engaged

Later, they will begin to see in-banner video ads about your products across the web.

Bring them back

You caught their attention with an engaging video. Now they will return to your site ready to buy.

Step 1

You visit a website and look at a product. Your shopping behaviour is captured by the Revidy pixel. Without making a purchase, you leave the site and continue to browse the internet.

Step 2

While you are browsing the internet, Revidy's dynamic video retargeting process continues in real time. Branded video ad is created on-demand featuring the product you previously looked at and a call to action.

Step 3

Video inventory is purchased and the product video ad starts showing up in banners across the web. You start to see a highly engaging video ad featuring a product that you are interested in on web sites you usually visit.

Step 4

By seeing a highly relevant video ad that is showing a product you are interested in, you are motivated to click it. You click on the video ad and you are linked back to the product page to complete the purchase.

Automatic video creation

  • Based on just one branded video template that was approved by the client, Revidy automatically creates all formats necessary for maximum reach.
  • Your videos will play in banners of all shapes and sizes. Revidy plugs seamlessly into DV360 that reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide, 65% of whom they reach every single day through the Google display network.
  • Revidy operates on a proprietary video render farm that is running After Effects which is the industry standard software for video production.

Getting started is easy

Set campaign

Agree on budget and CPC

Add smart tag

Add our simple script to all pages on your site

Product feed

Give us access to your product feed

Approve Creative

Review and accept the video template for product videos

Going live!

Your ads are now running, making money for you

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