Here at Revidy we are experts at dynamic retargeting and video production. We successfully combine these two areas of expertise into a new and exciting product that allows you to dynamically retarget your website visitors with personalized videos.


We show personalized product videos to website visitors that have earlier shown some interest in your products, either by looking at a product page, adding a product to their shopping cart or initiated a checkout. Your ads are being displayed on 1000+ publisher websites across Scandinavia.

First we start by creating a video template from which all the other video versions will be created. Creating a video template for a dynamic retargeting campaign is different from creating a video for other purposes, such as raising brand awareness. With retargeting videos, the purpose is to get the attention of the website visitors and make them click on the video ad – in a noisy environment of many other ads. Ad placements are nowaday bought on auctions where you have to place bids in order to get your ads to be shown. Here at Revidy we have to buy those ads on a per impression basis, and deliver as many qualified clicks as possible to you. Therefore it is of paramount importance that the video ads are very click friendly so that your customers in the end chose to click and eventually buy your products.

The typical website user has developed a condition towards standard display ads called banner blindness which essentially means that they ignore these types of ads. We have at our disposal a very powerful technology that allows us to create highly engaging video ads instead of the simplistic image or flash animation ads that are being used today. In order to maximise the potential of those video ads and ensure that you get as many clicks on the ad as possible, we need to follow specific design guidelines. Having in mind the very short attention spans of today’s internet users (8 seconds on average) we need to aim to keep the retargeting videos up to 15 seconds. That means the users need to see something that will make them stop what they are currently doing on the webpage and look at the ad within first few seconds of the ad. We then need to quickly take advantage of this very short attention span to show a highly relevant product in the video based on this particular user’s browsing behaviour and your product feed. A highly prominent Call to Action is also an integral part of this type of video ad. All of this can cleverly be done with some video magic at our disposal. Naturally, the final requirement is to keep the video tightly within the boundaries of your brand.


To sum everything up, here are the guidelines for creating a successful retargeting video:

  • Ad must have high production value. In order to create a successful dynamic retargeting campaign using video, the video ad itself needs to utilise some form of a video production technique that gives it a higher production value (green screen or motion tracking, for example) which is not possible to do with the standard banner ad (such as image or flash animation). Using live action footage together with some movie making tricks instead of using just animation will produce a wow factor for the ad viewer and increase the chances of users engaging an ad.
  • Ad needs to be short. The ad should be up to 15 seconds in length because it needs to capture attention and get to the point quickly – the point usually being displaying the product and a Call to action.
  • Ad needs to respect brand guidelines. The ad has to be firmly in line with the advertisers brand and design guidelines.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have before we start producing your first video ad.

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