About us

Anders Willstedt


Anders is leading our international operations and is one of the brains behind the Revidy platform. He is a tech innovator and developer and has founded many companies, often within the online advertising industry.

Christer Ljungberg


Christer is leading strategic development at Revidy. He is a professional board executive and an entrepreneur with extensive experience from launching and building tech companies on international markets.


Over the last couple of years, we have built an amazing team of engineers that are responsible for building Revidy and developing it further to meet and exceed the goals and expectations of our clients. Building complex software for the ad tech industry is no rocket science for us but we do have one rocket scientist on the team – just in case.

Our dedicated expert video production team has years of experience in TV broadcast advertising, animation, video creation and branding. By employing best practices from the world of direct advertising, behavioural psychology and modern video production, they will make sure that your video ads always look sharp and are representing your brand accurately.