Revidy took part in a seminar about the digital transformation in Swedish trade, hosted by the Swedish Trade Council. These are some of our key takeaways.

1. Retail is booming!

A strong economy, minus interest rate and population growth are factors that create ideal conditions for Swedish retail.

2. The growth is concentrated to e-commerce

2017 was the first year that nearly all of the growth in durable goods purchases came from e-commerce.

3. Amazon’s entry

Amazon isn’t only a threat to Swedish e-commerce but also an opportunity. Amazon will contribute with infrastructure that will benefit swedish e-commerce as a whole. Having said that, product companies with strong brands will benefit the most, resellers will be put under pressure.

4. “Black Friday”, “Black Week” and “Cyber monday”…

These campaigns eat away from e-tailers profits and need to be used in the right way in order to be beneficial. “The right way” includes having loyalty programs and use advertising techniques like retargeting in order to earn money when the campaigns are over.  

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